Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Buying Handmade/Buying from Lynn!

Look at this gorgeous ornament!
I love love love it!
It is made with the softest, sweetest yarn ever and the stitches are perfection. 
I wish you could see it up close. 
 (Please right click to see the details!  It is worth that extra step.)
It is soooo stunning.
When I saw that she had one on her recent post, I HAD to have one.  She had designed a hat, doll dress and booties for me this summer
so I knew how detailed her beauties are.
 I took the last dollars in my PayPal account and ordered it immediately. 
Each pearl is nestled in the most devine posy. 
Not only did she make one for me,
she made it in MY colors and in the size I really wanted. 
It was a little bit more expensive because of the yarn and
the extra work in the larger size but it is so worth it!
It has the softest sweetest antique cream base
with a beautiful soft rose bow and tassel. 
I am sorry, Lynn, I don't remember the kind of yarn that you used but in the back of my head I think it is Alpaca?
Isn't it just delicious to the senses?
This will be one of those ornaments that I will cherish to the day I die.  Then I will pass it on to my Grand Daughters to admire.
Thank you, Lynn, for making this masterpiece for me. 
I truly truly love it!!!


I would like to introduce you to Donna the owner of
 On The Rocks!
Melissa and I were in there spending money (that we didn't have) and Melissa talked her into letting me do the store front for her. 
 (I used to do this sort of thing a long long time ago in my home town.)
I buy alot of my beads from her delightful store and I know her well enough to know she would not want alot of fuss and fru-fru.  ( So out of my vintage element)
I made a snow scene for her out of core board and LOTS of glitter!  I made a dozen or so stars, some three D and some flat.  I made a grouping of homes on the left side and a large church on the right. 
Of course I had to make trees!  Lots of trees.
Here are a couple of groupings of beads that she handles.   There is just something about the gorgeous colors and textures that I loose all sense of time and reason when I enter a beading store.Look at this wall of textures,colors and lots of money!  Some of the beads are $2.75 up to $18.50 each for those small tubes.  It takes alot of beads to make one project and one never has just the right color or the right size.  Beading is my relaxation and passion.  To take one little bead and add another, then another, and before you know it you have a work of art.  If you have never been to a bead store, you need to go just once to see what all
the fuss is about.  Beware, It is addicting! 


Okay, this is going to be a long post but I will show you one more thing.
 I was inspired by so many of you that make snow scenes inside of a glass domes.

I wanted to make one.  I had the dome but didn't want to buy all of the goodies.  So I put it off.  Last week my sweet daughter gave me a bag of Christmas minatures that she bought at Goodwill for $1.85!  Inside was this cute little bear with moveable arms and legs, his top hat, a sled, an angel and lots of tiny bows.  I made the packages out of a piece of thick foam that held stick pins at one time.
 (Ya' just can't throw anything away!) 
I set it on my Mothers' cake pedestal then used double stick tape
 all the way around to hold it secure.
  Walla' there you are!  No money, no dust, no cleanup. 
You can't beat that for a freebie, can you?
Well, I have chatted enough for tonight.
Blessings to you all,
Please don't forget to stop by Lynn's Lovelies then on to her shop!
Thank you, Lynn, so much for the prettiest Christmas ball 
made by the prettiest lady in Georgia!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Domestic Underground Ornament Exchange

of  DomesticUnderground
became my partner in an ornament swap.
Look at the lovely ornaments that she sent to me!

When my hubby brought the package to me,
I ripped into the package like a women gone mad! 
When I saw all of the wonders in my package,
I burst into tears...

Don said"Now what is that all about?"
"I am so blessed, is all..."

When I was notified of who my partner was, I, of course, went to see who she is.
Tia makes the most wonderful creations! 
I knew she loved crosses and in my secret hearts wishes
I was so hoping she would send me a small cross. 

It was to be "an" ornament swap
but Tia sent me so many gorgeous ornaments.
I am just in awe of the Lords' abundant bounty towards me.
  I can not tell you how wonderfully blessed I am. 
Not only did she send me one of her
beautiful pieces of artwork but she sent me

TWO crosses!
 Now how wonderful is that?
 When I opened the box there on the very top was this stunning
Victorian metal cone filled with lovely old
music sheets line the inside and more music sheets shredded,
lace trimmed and a cameo as the center piece.
She had me pegged from the very start.
PLUS inside of that was another gift! 
(A metal bookmark with the scripture
John 15:5-
"I am the vine, you are the branches.  He who abides in me,
and I in him, bears much fruit.")

Then I saw "them", 
the two gorgeous crosses!
They are so very beautiful that words can not express how much I love
all of the devine details, sheet music background and
the jewelry pieces added to the top. 
They are truly a work of the finest art!
They are made of wood then covered with Tia's touch
There was an advent calendar
(that I have already hung for my smallest grandchildren.) 
Last but definately not the least
enclosed was this gorgeous lace card with a love note from Tia!

 I can not fully explain how
 wonderful, sweet, and kind your loving gifts have meant to me!  
Thank you, thank you, thank you! 
YOU have "made" my Christmas already!
Blessings to you,
p.s. Please go over to see Tia at
Tell her I said "Hi".

Saturday, November 28, 2009

It is NOT popcorn balls! I bought one of Lynns Gorgeous Victorian Ornaments

Take a closer look!!!
(double click for a closer view)
( I just got a sweet comment that said it looks like a "popcorn ball" until you enlarge it so PLEASE enlarge the picture to see all of the beautiful stitches!!!)

at this GORGEOUS ornament
my friend, Lynn

has designed! 
I ordered it in antique white with soft rose accents on a 3 1/2 inch ball.  (A little more expensive but I want this one to stand out in the crowd!)
I am so excited! 
I have just a very very few dollars left in my
PayPal account but this beauty will be worth it! 
Lynns work is so very detailed and perfect in stitching and made with love!
Let's order a couple dozen of them
instead of going to the store and buy something
"everyone" will have hanging on their trees.
This ornament is an heirloom to be passed down from
Grandma to Great Grandchildren.
Lynn puts so much work and love in each piece she designs. 
She has a SHOP to sell all of her latest creations. 
 She makes the most precious baby booties and hats and gloves and scarves and toooo many to list here.
Let's support

this Christmas.
So many of the things we buy come from China, Japan, and numerous nations. 
 Buy American Handmade because we need to keep our money in our homeland to help others struggling with our economy.
I just wanted you to see what I will cherish for years to come.
Mine will be in a soft antique yarn and rose accents.
What colors would you use for your gorgeous tree
even for a gift for someone very special?
Keep Lynn on your shopping list of "have to get" purchases!!
You won't be sorry,
Blessings, to you and thank you for stopping by to see what is next in
 the Kyser household. 
Your comments bless my life and make me feel of some value in blogland.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


The Vintage Studio

Drew MY name in her November Giveaway!
I have never been "lucky" at winning contests, drawings or even the lottery so I was extremely surprised!
I am so excited! (as if you can believe that)
My kitchen is
accents and this gorgeous plate will go perfectly with
 my Great Grandma Bohling's flow blue oval dish. 
When I saw Sharon's post about the giveaway, I wanted to win so much.
Of course I posted about it so you could have the opportunity to win
(we're friends and that is what friends do for one another, right?)
 I even teased you in saying
 not to enter but you (all 69 of you) entered anyways.
I was going to be glad for whoever won my plate, honestly I was.
It has been a rainy, dreary weekend in GA...cold too.
So when I got on the computer this afternoon Sharon commented that I needed to look at her recent post.  There was my name.
Sharon and I not only share the same name but the same passion for Vintage tags. 
You should see all of the beautiful artwork she does on the Christmas tags.
(She is one step in front of me, however, she has a gorgeous Etsy store!)
Oh, Sharon, thank you so very much for the
computer generated thingy that chose my name. 
All of a sudden it was not so cold and dreary anymore!  I wonder why?
I can't wait to receive everything in the mail.  There is a sweet towel, a darling book,
and .....

Barbara Jean
Treasures of the Heart

made this lovely collage to add to the goody pile!  Isn't it lovely?
Thank you, thank you, Barbara for adding this framed work of art.  I will hang it in my bathroom so that I can think of you each time I am getting prettied up for shopping.
Barbara Jean is very new for me so I am headed over there right now to see her blog.  (Join me, if you have time!)
Thank you, Sharon,  I will treasure each and every piece!!
Blessings to all
(Senior Moments!!!!) 
p.s.  I had originally stated that Kris had made the collage and I ask you indulgence in thinking that I am a nut. (Well, I am afterall!)  I have corrected the post and will go over to see Barbara Jean r ight now and thank her for the lovely collage.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Look at my NEWEST & PRETTIEST ornament!!

Lori Di Anni
made this beauty!
Lori and I were partners in an ornament exchange hosted by

Debbie at MarionberryCottage
 I had so much fun making an ornament for Lori. 
(She hasn't received hers yet..snail mail so I am kinda' nervous that she will like it)
I had never connected to her blog before the exchange. 
So I not only got a beautiful ornament but a new blogger buddy!
 This is the very first time I have ever done an exchange and I am so excited to finally see her wonderful work. 
PLUS she has the tutorial on her blog! 
 (I hate to tell you I don't know how to link you directly to that
 particular post....sorry but I am learning, slowly) 
Because she is, so graciously doing a tutorial, I am sending
you the
pictures directly from her tutorial. 
No, I didn't make this one!
Lori gets all the credit. 
Isn't it beautiful?
 It is lovely paper folding (which now I am going to
have to add to my list of things I need/must do.)

You should see my artroom....oh, no, I guess that is not a good idea! 
I can barely find my new extended work space. 
Tomorrow I MUST MUST clean up a little. 
(My reasoning)
But I am using everything that is out sho why take the time to put it away.
It is 3:30 in the morning and I am just now finishing up on the
 beginnings of a bead store front
 that will be a snow scene.  So glitter & stars are EVERYWHERE!

You should have seen the look on my hubbies face
when I said I wanted to get the Christmas decorations out of storage....
NOT a pretty look, for sure!

Please go over to Lori's
to see how she made this one.
Thank you, Debbie for hosting this ornament exchange.
I have loved every single moment.
Thank you, Lori, for my beautiful
Gift Of Love!

Gotta' tare myself away and go to bed before my hubby gets up!
Night everyone,

Monday, November 16, 2009

Christmas anyone? #2

Deanne at Inspirational Tips
has a lovely tutorial on covering CD's.  On the first CD I used a wired garland that I found at Walmart and the second I followed her directions.  I think they turned out so lovely. 
 I thought I would go "cheap" and use a piece of core board scrap to cover the backside so I could make twice as many ornaments.  It worked fine except that it took alot of time and patience to cut, form and decorate it.  So I got smarter/wiser and decided to use two way tape to hold the ribbon in place until I finished decorating the backside with another CD.  I then used my handy dandy E6000 glue and ran a rim of glue all the way around the back CD.  I then used clamps to hold it together while I worked on another one.

 (I have no patience in holding something in place till it sticks
so the clamps are one of my favorite tools.)

I have some lovely yarn that is a Christmas green with long metalic fringe so I made a few with the fringe, with the ribbons and with the garland. 
What do you think?
Which one is your favorite?
I decided to make the ornament reversible so that no matter where it hangs it can be viewed from either side. 
I made one, then two and before I knew it I had eight of them done! 

Red Glass Ball with a Porsche exterior.

This red ball has been around for at least six years.  I leave them hanging on my back porch all year long.  I got the brainy idea to mosaic these beautiful seven inch balls with a clear glass.  I started to thinking that car window glass has a netting or something in between the layers and that it would hold together once broken. 
My hubby and I stopped at a car body shop and asked for a glass from a wrecked car.  They did not have any broken glass but had a windshield from a Porsche coope.
They gave it to me for free when I told them what I was planning on doing with it.
(I think they thought I was nuts and wanted me off their property.)
Do you have any idea how hard it is to break a windshield when you want it broken?  Very very hard work.  Finally I layed out a tarp on the driveway, got my hammer and struck it on the end of the glass.  Yep, it broke in thousands of pieces with one hit!  But the majority of it is fused together so I could apply it to the ball without any trouble. (BE SURE to wear gloves!!!)
 I was able to get four covered balls from one windshield.
There you go!
 I may never own a porsche (let alone know how to spell it),
but will always have a little piece of one!
At Christmas time I hang a bow with some pine from my trees and
 I have an updated look for the season.
Do you have any unique ideas for ornaments? 
I would love to hear about them.
Thank you, Deanne for reminding me of this project!  Be sure to go over to see all of the lovely things she creates!!!http://inspirationaltechniquesandtutorials.blogspot.com/
Don't you love Christmas? 
It brings out all of our creative senses.


Friday, November 13, 2009

I am creating Christmas

My Blog Friends are such
blessings to me
that means YOU!
Okay, I have to admit something...
I am a honest blond lady.
After I wrote that post about
The Crap Blog Detective.
I turned on the Moderation thingy.
I went on my blog this evening and not a single person had even commented about it!  So I decided,well, I will post another idea and forget it.  I didn't know that when I turned on the moderator that I had to go approve each comment! 
There you all were, all the time!!
Don't ya' know that that is how the Lord must feel sometimes.  He blesses us and blesses us but we don't even look around to see His writing on the wall...lol
Your sweet comments humbled me and sent tears to wet the face and heart.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, dear souls for your sweet words of encouragement
for blessing my life with your unique friendships.
No, I am not upset. 
I got that all off my heart real fast.   
That is why I wrote the quote:
"Don't let anyone pull tomorrows clouds
 over todays sunshine."

Okay, so I have been busy!
I made this "snow scene" for my buffet in the living room at Christmas.  I wrote to Jenny at http://jnichelle.blogspot.com/ asking for indulgence to post a picture of the one I created out of core board.  She has one in the background of her beautiful tree sculptures that I just loved.  I drew a pattern, cut it out of the core board (WalMart) then sprayed it with glue, topped it with large glitter then used a glue gun (sprinkled immediately with more glitter) to make the snow on the buildings and the trees.  (I used one of those 400 gold foil doilies on the inside for the round window & put pieces of vellum on all the windows so that I can run a string of lights behind) 
Total cost? 
for one sheet of core board.
I had made this same thing years ago but it was eight foot tall buildings and trees for my church in Des Moines.  It went behind the 25 foot Christmas Tree that we loaded with ornaments from our church members.  But I had forgotten all about it until I saw Jenny's. 
 (BY THE WAY you have only one more day to sign up for her giveaway.)
PLUS....I made
a couple of beaded poinsettas for this beautiful green votive holder that my sis recently sent me as a "love" gift.  It is totally made of beads in a light green.  Ya' know me, I just wanted to add a little more to it.  So the poinsetta idea came to me.  Then I found a book,
"Beaded Ornaments for the Holidays and Beyond." from Bead and Button Magazines.  I don't have the money to be spending on patterns but when my sweet daughter asked if I would split the cost.  Welllll, what can one do when they get something for half price....lol  In the spring I will add spring daisies or something in spring colors. 

 It will be fun to "redo" it each season.
(Thank you, Big Sis for the sweet and thoughtful gift!!  I love it!) 
( Thank you, Big Sis for the beautiful love gift!  I adore it!)
So here are the poinsetta's.  What do you think? 

So that is why I say I am making Christmas around the Kyser household.
Making Christmas ornaments, well sorta' along with everything else. 

I can't show you the three other ornaments that I made until I get them to their rightful owners. This is the first year that I have gotten up the nerve to participate in ornament swaps. 
I love Christmas ornaments and have collected them since 1965 so the idea of a swap was right up my alley. 
I am so excited about it.
Again, thank you for your love, kind words and concern. 
All is wonderful with my world.
Blessings to each one of you,

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sharon at My Vintage Studio
has a wonderful giveaway!!! 
The only problem I have is if you win it I don't!  Go over to see all of her lovelies!  Goodness, this one has MY name written all over it. 
Here are just a few of the things she will have to send to ME! 
(Besides she has a beautiful name!)

Comment Moderation

Dear Friends,  Here is the "key" to happiness. 
"Never let anyone pull a cloud over todays sunshine."

Okay, I hate this but I have gotten a rather rude comment on my last post....
 to eliminate that problem I am putting on a comment moderation. 
(What a pain in the neck)
I kinda' feel "wow, someone does read my posts and I MUST be making some good points or I wouldn't be notified by the
Crap Blog Detective."
I am so sorry that people can be so ugly
but that does NOT deter me from
enjoying each and everyone of my sweet friends. 
It was suggested by LuLu that I do this and I think it is best for your edification.
So whoever wrote
The Crap Blog Detective
"Shame on you"
I am hoping you will have a better day
find something "useful" to do
with your time
besides annoying others.
You are sincerely in my prayers
Abundant Blessings to you today!
May the Lord give you a change of heart 
and replace your mean spirit
with one of uplifting others.

To my blogger buddies,
I apologize for this interruption.
Now we can get back to having fun creations.
Have a wonderful day to each and everyone.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Funny lady!

Maggie from http://grandmayellowhair.blogspot.com/ is so very funny.  Now I just found her (don't know how)  and I went over to check it out when she left a sweet comment.  She is SO funny!  She has a very serious job and seems to delight in the humor she finds around her. 

Now you know she has to be somewhat funny with a name like

"Grandma Yellow Hair".   
The Lord knows I need to learn how to laugh and Maggie does it for me.  This joke just made me roll.  It hit a cord with me as I can sooo relate to the humor.  She has invited me to her ranch to set on her PINK porch~ 
Go over and read her funny stories.  It will be worth your while & while you are there please drop her a note!  WE all need encouragement, once in a while.
Thank you so very much for stopping in & IF you have time let me know if you think of this joke & if it is as funny as I think....
Blessings to each one of you.  You make my day!!!
Have a delightful and creative day today!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Kreativ Award

Sweet Carole sent me this lovely award!http://abohemianmarket.blogspot.com/Carole http://abohemianmarket.blogspot.com/ has been so kind to me and always leaves a comment no matter what the project I am working on.  Her words of encouragement always spur me on to creating more designs.  There are people like her & many others that bless my life!
The rules of the game are listing things no one knows about me:
1.  I am a fourth child of five chldren. 
(My oldest and youngest brothers died in the same year 40 years ago.)
2.  I am a very shy person and often feel very alone in crowds.
3.  I love Christmas time the best! 
I am a giver so it is  a good time to pull out all the stops.
4.  I was blond as a child and still frost my hair today to cover up the gray.
5.  I am the Mother of two wonderful children & we are very close.
(four grandchildren but still hoping for more)
6.  I am a loney person.  I love people but they don't seem to get the real me & I think because I have some talent in so many areas that it intimidates strangers.
7.  I grew up on a farm in Winterset, Iowa I went to a one room school house until the third grade.  My first house had no running water and an outhouse.
Now I am to pass this on to other people that I want to know more about.
Thank you Carole for honoring me with this award.
You and it is appreciated!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Double Sided Stars

Just wanted to show you a few more stars. 

My favorite one of this group is this sweet little girl, praying for Christmas to come.

These two stars are double sided.  The first one I held together with glue then run a bead of glue on the outside edges.  Then I sprinkled it with glitter.  But I got smarter!  I then tried one glueing it together and using copper foil tape to run around the edges.  It was much easier, alot less messy and took on one half the time!  So for my time, effort & glittery sticky fingers, I would say "try the copper foil first!"

Angie B. of
had a free tutorial on these sweet stars. I wanted to show you a few more of the fun ones I have come up with using her idea. 
(Be sure to stop my Angie's place.  She needs a little warming thoughts sent her way.)
Next are the insides to the Christmas box I had recently completed.  (Of course, the front of the box did not come out in photos) 

I also got the large Christmas ornament done by adding a tassel at the bottom, four longer tassels on the sides and topping that with a red crystal. 
(No photos of that either, sorry)
Busy, Busy, Busy, Me.
I am getting all sorts of projects
"off my plate".
Company just drove in so I must go for now. 
I love your sweet comments and
hope you will stay tuned for the
"Rest of the Story".

p.s.  Be SURE to go back one post to see the Cleo necklace I just finished!

Woven Victorian Elegance Swarovski Crystals

Woven Victorian Elegance Swarovski Crystals
My favorite Necklace but will sacrifice for $85.00



Butterflies Galore

Butterflies Galore
Can be made with your favorite colors!

Bead Embroidery

Bead Embroidery


Pattern design by Jimmie Boatwright/Atlanta Bead

Nothing But Netting

Nothing But Netting

All Buckled Up

All Buckled Up

Just Something I Made.blogspot.com

Just Something I Made.blogspot.com

Copper Peyote

Copper Peyote

Red Black Purse Ear Rings

Red Black Purse Ear Rings

Purple right angle Will Make in Your choice of colors

Purple right angle Will Make in Your choice of colors
Swarovski Crystals and Rivoli (SOLD)



Swarovski Crystal Purple fantasy

Swarovski Crystal Purple fantasy

Gold and Green Herringbone and Cab

Gold and Green Herringbone and Cab

Holler for Hoops

Holler for Hoops

Floral Motif

Floral Motif

Lovely Purples on Copper Pendant

Lovely Purples on Copper Pendant
Stunning Purple (SOLD)

V Vine Fantasy with Reversable Pendant

V Vine Fantasy with Reversable Pendant
Blacks and Tans with Antique Crystals Necklace $55.00

Dramatic Bump Bracelet

Dramatic Bump Bracelet

Celini Spirl Blue and Gray

Celini Spirl Blue and Gray

Freeform nest

Freeform nest

Fiori Necklace Swarvoski Crystal and Amethyst Crystal

Fiori Necklace Swarvoski Crystal and Amethyst Crystal

Pearls on Mother of Pearl

Pearls on Mother of Pearl

Twisted cuff

Twisted cuff
Crystal flower & Slide lock $55.00

Copper Chocker

Copper Chocker

Delicious Copper Cubes

Delicious Copper Cubes
Choker Necklace $60.00

Copper & Earring combination

Copper & Earring combination
Purple Brick Stitch & White Antique Beads $95.00

Twisted Bugles

Twisted Bugles
Twisted Bugles with crystal bead drops $55.00

Fringed Cage

Fringed Cage

White on White on Gold

White on White on Gold